Where is Mt Rainier?

When I started socializing my trip with friends and family I received a lot of words of encouragement  that I really appreciate,but a lot of them didn’t know where Mt Rainier is located! And to be honest when Catie mentioned Mt Rainier to me I had no idea where it was until she elaborated on it a bit, so I decided to dedicate a page for those out there that don’t know where Mt Rainier is located.
Where is Mt Rainier?
Mt Rainier is located around 50 miles southeast of Seattle, WA and its ranked 21st  out of the 125 most prominent peaks in the world.
Where is Mt Rainier
Seattle and Mt Rainier at Sunrise by Michael Holden
Mt Rainier has been known by many names over its existence but the current name was given by George Vancouver, an English officer of the British Royal Navy, who explored and charted North America’s northwestern Pacific Coast region in 1792.  He gave it this name in honor of his friend Admiral Peter Rainier, also a British naval officer.
Even though “Rainier” had been considered the official name of the mountain it wasn’t formally declared to be known as “Rainier” until 1890 when the United States Board of Geographic Names made it official.
A couple of key points of interest (at least for our climb!) are Rainier BaseCamp, Paradise and Camp Muir.
  • Rainier BaseCamp is located in Ashford, WA. This is where we’ll stay the first 2 nights of our 4 day expedition doing our pre-trip orientation and also our mountaineering training on the lower slopes of Mt Rainier.
  • Paradise is where our climb begins and is located 23 miles from BaseCamp at an altitude of 5,400 ft. This is  where the Mt Rainier National Park main visitor center is located.
  • Camp Muir is located 4.5 miles from Paradise at an altitude of 10,060 ft. where we will spend the third night of our expedition. We’ll climb almost all day to get there. Once there we’ll prepare for our long hike the following day, have some dinner, and go to bed early! – Camp Muir is named in honor of naturalist John Muir, an early advocate of wilderness preservation and founder of the Sierra Club. Also the John Muir Trail (JMT) was named in his honor. This is a 211 mile trail located in the High Sierra country in California starting in Yosemite Valley and ending on Mt Whitney (altitude of 14,405  ft)…now this would be an interesting hike! I actually watched a documentary called “Mile Mile & a Half” about a group of friends doing the trail in 25 days.  That made me want  to do it someday!

There you have it peeps!