Training to climb Mt Rainier back home!

These 2 weeks were a bit of an adjustment just to get back into my regular training to climb Mt Rainier. I really enjoyed my time in Brazil and the pace of life down there!

I took 3 days off in week 10 to slowly get back into my weekly schedule, but was able to do a couple of Crossfit workouts, stair intervals and a long hike on Saturday.I was planning just to take 2 days off this week but Saturday was a long night! Catie and I went to a  Justin Timberlake concert and then we went out with a friend  we haven’t seen in a while, so a 5 hr hike plus a long night….a day off was required!

The Saturday hike was the longest we’ve done so far and we needed to take snacks, lunch and plenty of water. For the hikes we’ve done prior to this one we’ve only taken water with the exception of the 4 hr hike in week 8 when we stopped and had some Açaí!! This hike was an excellent opportunity for us to start planning and trying the actual food/snacks we will be taking when we climb Mt Rainier. RMI Expeditions offers a meal plan for the days we will be up in Mt Rainier but they don’t offer a gluten free option.

climb mt rainier
Ridgeline Trail – Crowders Mountain

Catie is gluten free (I’m not gluten free but I try to eat this way as much as I can), so we needed to find food  for lunch that would be easy to eat while hiking…..only one came to mind, pizza!

I follow a blog called paleomg . The author has a lot of good recipes even if you’re not gluten free or follow the paleo diet.The recipes are exceptional…and she has a lot of recipes for people who like baked goods & sweets…highly recommended!

In one of her posts she mentions a pizza brand called Against the Grain so I decided to buy one to try; we have become huge fans of this pizza and also enjoy their other products (bagels, rolls & baguettes).

So, for the 5 hr hike we took some pizza, 4 slices each and it worked out great; love me some pizza! For the snacks it was easier.  When doing triathlons we always take a couple of GU Energy Gel primarily the chocolate, coffee, & banana strawberry kind. I took 2 and Catie took 3. I also like to take Honey Stinger Organic Waffles (these are not gluten free). These things are awesome! For this hike I took 2.

I did underestimate my water consumption though! I only took two 24 ounce bottles with water and one 18 ounce bottle with coconut water. I drank all of it 3 hrs into the hike! We were far from any type of water so I was stuck! Good thing Catie was around. She had 4 bottles of water.  She clearly was better prepared! Granted, it was an extremely hot summer day — around 95 °F but still I needed to be better prepared. At 4.5 hrs into the hike we were out of water, so the last 30 min of the hike we were a bit parched! I learned my lesson.

Week 11 was a bit more packed. Worked out every day, did a lot of core workouts ,swam one day to give my body a bit of a rest, and we did a long hike on Sunday. Food & snacks were the same as week 10, but this time I brought a lot more water. Three 32 ounce bottles with water and one 18 ounce bottle with watermelon juice to accompany my pizza!

I bumped up the weight in the pack and adding the water bottles on week 10 I was close to 35 lbs and at week 11 I was at 39 lbs. Another thing to note on the hikes, we stopped for water breaks every hour for 10 minutes and for lunch we stopped for 15 minutes.

Also, I purchased trekking poles and used them on the hikes and they’re  awesome! they really help balance our packs and provide stability when ascending. They really are invaluable as we increase our weight and the length of our hikes. Even if I didn’t have my heavy pack on a hike I would still use them! We purchased the REI Carbon Power Lock Trekking Poles.

Week 10
Monday> Day off
Tuesday>30 min stair interval (4 floors/min) & 24 min hike (30 lbs) around my neighborhood
Wednesday> Did this workout  : 1K row – 30 pullups – 40 burpees – 50 wallballs – 800m run
Friday>Day off
Saturday> 5 hr hike (35 lbs) at Crowders Mountain State Park
Sunday > Day off!
Week 11
Wednesday> Stair Interval 3.7 floors/min & Crossfit workout
Friday> 30 min stair Interval (3.7 floors/min)
Saturday>Swam 1000 yds – 200 yds warm up , 6 set of 100 yds, 200 yds cool down
Sunday> 5 hr hike (39 lbs) Crowders Mountain State Park