Training Plan V2

10 week program specifically designed for mountaineering expeditions such as…you guess it Mt Rainier!!

This program is a bit different than the Mt Rainier training plan I used on my first attempt to summit Mt Rainier.  It has similar exercises but it’s more intense and it focuses on 3 core aspects:

  • Toughen up your legs
  • Increase your overall core strength
  • Improve your durability and injury resistance

I’m not going to lie; this program does kick it up a notch! Whoever decides to do it needs to be in good physical condition and be ready to commit between 45 to 75 minutes 5 days per week.

It doesn’t need any fancy equipment but you need access to a regular gym with basic equipment and also a sand bag between 40 & 60 lbs.

The first couple of weeks the workouts are designed  to help build a good base; the final weeks really kick into gear with  more endurance training to prepare you for the mountain ahead.

There is a lot of step ups!! A lot! Using your backpack.

The program is called “Big Mountain Climbing Training Program” offered by Strong Swift Durable.  They offer different type of training programs for Military Athletes, Law Enforcement Athletes, Fire & Rescue Athletes and off course Mountain Athletes!

They have an extensive video library with all the exercises in the program. Once I started it, I realized a lot of the exercises I was familiar with  already.  They just have another weird ass name for them…it was actually cool!

*I have no affiliation with “Strong Swift Durable” just wanted to provide you guys some good info!