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Stand Up Paddling my way up to Mt Rainier

Hello everyone hope all of you are enjoying this summer weather!

After moving to CT in mid-February warmer days were in my dreams every day and we finally got them! Summer had been great to us, and living on the Connecticut coast is awesome. There are some nice beaches and towns to visit. We live right in the middle of Connecticut so we have access to some really cool places.

My favorite beach (so far) are the ones in Hammonasset Park in Madison, CT.  The beaches in this park are outstanding.  They are truly beautiful and the park is also really cool for camping, running, and obviously hanging out on the beach!

Stand Up Paddling


In a previous post I talked a little about Stand Up Paddling and my total failure on my first try…it was bad! But I committed  myself to the idea that I was going to get back on a board and do it…and I did!

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