Stand Up Paddling my way up to Mt Rainier

Hello everyone hope all of you are enjoying this summer weather!

After moving to CT in mid-February warmer days were in my dreams every day and we finally got them! Summer had been great to us, and living on the Connecticut coast is awesome. There are some nice beaches and towns to visit. We live right in the middle of Connecticut so we have access to some really cool places.

My favorite beach (so far) are the ones in Hammonasset Park in Madison, CT.  The beaches in this park are outstanding.  They are truly beautiful and the park is also really cool for camping, running, and obviously hanging out on the beach!

Stand Up Paddling


In a previous post I talked a little about Stand Up Paddling and my total failure on my first try…it was bad! But I committed  myself to the idea that I was going to get back on a board and do it…and I did!

North of Hammonasset Park  there’s a town called Clinton, CT.  They have a cool marina where you can launch your Stand Up Paddle Board. I decided to take a quick class at the local SUP rental in Clinton called “Paddleworks CT”  and I didn’t fall.  I felt like  I was walking on water!!! It was awesome…with a little bit of direction I was able to handle my balance better and to maneuver the board…but I also have to give credit to the Yoga I’ve been doing over the past couple of months.

I got hooked…after that class I’ve been going back at least once  or twice a week and every time I go I just love it more!!! The peeps at Paddleworks CT are telling me that its time for me to get a board! I may just have to get one…..its so awesome just to go and paddle away. It’s amazing how good this makes me feel.

As I mentioned on my previous post due to my  lingering issues with my hamstring & back I decided that climbing Mt Rainier this year was not a good idea but I needed another “summit” to keep me motivated so I decided to Run the NYC Marathon (first marathon ever!!)  a hefty goal, but I have time to recover and train for it and eventually it will help me greatly as I attempt to summit  Mt Rainier next year!

For the last couple of years I’ve been very active in participating in triathlons and running events and have always self-trained, done a lot of research, asked a lot of questions and I’ve done well, but for the marathon I really wanted some expert advice and to be guided on exactly what do. I went to my local running store here in New Haven and they referred me to a running coach who’s also a Sport Physiologist and she’s amazing! I don’t know why the hell I’ve never done this before it is incredible all the knowledge and attention I get from her.

I get weekly training and it’s based on how I did the previous week…the results so far have been very good. I have  been very focused on doing exactly what she tells me to do and  it works!

One of the activities I have to do every week is cross training so one of the cross training regimens I do is Stand Up Paddling. One of the main muscle groups we use when Stand Up Paddling are the core muscles and for running this is paramount for a healthy running body and also for hiking freaking mountains such as Mt Rainier so I am really creating the foundation for a successful summit bid.

The core muscle group gets stimulated and toned, mostly while doing Stand Up Paddling. These muscles include the abdominal muscles (gotta get that six pack!) obliques, and muscles in the lower back that I desperately need to strengthen. These muscles connect the lower and upper body and provide coordination between the two to allow fluid, full body movements.

Stand Up Paddling
Paddling with Catie

Stand Up Paddling really is a full body workout similar to swimming and it also improves your overall balance and stability that one needs if you are climbing a mountain; let’s just say like Mt Rainier!

Also, another benefit that I’ve felt while Stand Up Paddling is a feeling of calmness and relaxation, it is physically challenging but once you get going you are truly walking on water….its such a great feeling.

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  1. Great overview of the many wonderful benefits of Stand Up Paddling, Brian…I see a trip to Paddleworks, CT in my future!

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