Sleeping then Dreaming of Mt Rainier

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! I really love the holidays— the food, hanging out with the family and just chilling.

I’ve been very successful working on my Yoga and meditation practice…still only meditating 10 minutes per day so my goal before the end of the year is to start meditating for 15 minutes. I’ve been practicing Yoga at least twice a week and sometimes 3 but I do a couple of poses everyday to make it a habit.

Soon I’ll do this!!

Yoga SUP

I’ve been travelling for the last 2 weeks out of the country, I love to travel, but one thing that I hate is sitting in a plane for hours!

I travelled to Brazil so the flight was 9 hrs….. I dread these flights due to the fact that I can’t sleep on planes…and if I do, its just for an hour or so, so when I arrive at my final destination I’m so tired, groggy, and usually  not in a friendly mood!

On this trip I was lucky to get upgraded to Business Class!!! This has never happened to me before…ever— so I had a seat that reclined entirely horizontal so it was awesome! And I thought I was finally going to sleep on a long haul flight. I slept around 3 hr….an improvement but not what I was hoping for! But I did enjoy all the perks I got though. Hopefully I get upgraded on my return flight..crossing my fingers.

I actually have struggled a lot with sleeping. I’ve been battling sleep deprivation for years and I’ve tried a couple things through the years,special teas, working out at night, drinking adult beverages!!! hell yea— an excuse to drink every day!

And some times I’ve taken some over the counter sleeping aids, that I really don’t like to take but sometimes I’ve been so sleep deprived that I just needed something a bit more potent to help me out…and usually they didn’t work, so I stopped.

Over the last couple of months, after I came back from my first attempt to reach the the summit of Mt Rainier, I’ve been working on improving my overall well being including my sleeping habits. I did some research and found a really good book that was a quick read and provided excellent advice to improve my sleeping habits called “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson.

Sleep Smarter

The book has 21 chapters, and each chapter is a tip to help you improve your sleeping, I was able to implement 90% of them in a week so they are easy to follow and easier to implement. I just needed to change my mindset and do them!

Sunlight power!
I think the majority of people know that sunlight is an excellent source of energy and also vitamin D. Growing up I was always outside taking in the sun for hours, but now as we become more sedentary we don’t get as much sun as we use to and still need.

Shawn recommends trying to get some sun in the mornings because that sun light signals the hypothalamus and all organs and glands to be alert and wake up! Our body clock is most responsive to sunlight in early morning (or when your sun rises!).

Avoid the screens!
This was a no brainer. It is just so hard to do! We are so wired now that we have to watch TV before we go to bed. There are even people who can’t go to sleep without having the TV on….those damn engineers who created the “Sleep” button on the remote control were on to something! But in reality the artificial blue light emitted by screens of electronic devices triggers your body to produce more daytime hormones and confuses our body’s natural preparation for sleep. A lot of us read at night using our phones/tablets. We also work late on our computers so it’s hard to totally cut off our screens because we need them to be productive. There are actually blue light blockers for your PC’s/ phones/tablets. I use one called “Blue Light Filter” and it works great.

I’ve been able to reduce my TV watching and I even cancelled my cable. That was hard but it needed to be done, not only to improve my sleeping, but also to save some moola, and also to concentrate more on my mental and physical well being.

Cutting back on my coffee intake was hard! Extremely hard! But caffeine is a powerful nervous system stimulant. But I knew if I reduced my intake of this heavenly nectar I would improve my sleeping….I didn’t completely cut it out…NEVER!

I cut my intake to 1 coffee cup per day, then I stopped drinking coffee the first three days of the week, then I only drank coffee Friday & Saturday.

I stared drinking herbal tea to satisfy my desire for a hot beverage in the morning and there was actually a couple of weeks I didn’t even drink tea!

Don’t get me wrong people. Coffee is actually good for you. It gets our body in a positive state and our mind more attentive. But for my benefit I needed to cut it a bit to improve my sleeping.

These 3 tips I implemented immediately after I finished the book and I actually saw results after 1 week. Then I implemented the others and it really has worked wonders for me. Every now and then I struggle but overall I’ve improved my sleeping!

The other tips are equally important to implement for example getting some black out curtains, always keeping your bedroom at a “cool” temperature (aka ~68 degrees °F or less), wake up early, meditate, having big “O”s (if you read between the lines you know what I’m talking about 😉 ), and some additional tips that really have helped greatly.

*If you decide to purchase the book via the above links I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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  1. Hey Primo!

    This is pretty cool… Hope these tips are helping you get some better sleep. I just started learning about essential oils and all of their benefits. I will make you a relaxing lavender night blend that you can rub on or spray on your pillow case. Maybe this will help as well. Hope to see you soon! xoxo

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