Running to the top of Mt Rainier

One of the RMI guides we met last year in Mt Rainier was Katie Bono who has the fastest ascent(& descent) on Mt Rainier. She did it in 4 hours 58 minutes  41 seconds. That my friends is impressive!

Not a lot of people can climb Mt Rainier (as you all know from my first experience!) better yet run up and down it. Check out this blog post from Katie describing her climb(run!).

This would be me after that run!
This would be me after that run!

I will skip the summit this year due to my lingering issues with my hamstring & lower back but I’m working hard to get them back to their natural state and be able to  achieve my  goal of summitting Mt. Rainier.

The last couple of weeks I’ve decreased my physical activity dramatically, I decided I needed to give my body some much needed rest and work on repairing my injuries. I’ve only been doing the stretching  exercises the PT recommended and also Yoga 1-2 times per week. For the last couple of  years I haven’t taken a break from working out for longer than a week so this was a bit foreign to me but I have enjoyed it greatly!

Still have some pain every now and then but I know what to do to mitigate it more effectively. I do feel I need to start adding some exercise though, but I have enjoyed my break a lot!

In between my exercise break we went on vacation to Belize to escape a bit  from the cold weather! We went with Catie’s cousin Sarah that I “featured” on a previous post and her husband Shane.  We had a blast!

It was an action packed vacation. The first couple of days we snorkeled in Abergris Caye; then we went to Guatemala to check out the Mayan ruins;  also we went to a city called San Ignacio to do some hiking & caving in the Blue Hole National Park’s Crystal Cave.

I was  a bit concerned that my body was not going to be able to endure the hike and navigating my self through  the cave.  This was not a walk in the park.  We had to rock-climb, do a bit of bouldering, climb up and down steep slopes, and just  be aware of our surroundings, but I did great! I felt so good on the hike, going into the cave, navigating it and finally climbing out of it….I felt great!

Crystal Cave Belize - Running Post
Inside Crystal Cave!

My balance was very good and physically I felt  like I never stopped working out. Overall my body’s performance got an A+; I was impressed and relieved  by how good I felt.

We ended our vacation in Placencia where we got PADI Scuba Certified, we swam a lot for 2 days and it felt great! Getting back into the water was a godsend, I didn’t think I was going to feel this good. I had no discomfort at all while diving, again I was impressed how my body responded to all the activity I put it through.

Diving in Placencia - Running Post
Catie & I getting our diving in!

As I mentioned above I’m not going to Mt Rainier this year. I’ve postponed it till next year but every year I try to push myself physically and mentally by pursuing a “summit”.  Unfortunately this year my aforementioned summit had to be replaced with something else, so I decided to run the NYC Marathon in November. Its a pretty hefty goal but I’m confident I will recover from my injuries in time to start my training in early July.

I’m already working on my issues with the PT.  I’ve also considerably reduced my physical activity but  I still wanted to do more  to start improving my well being.

Late last year Catie & I starting following a guy by the name of Kelly Starrett.   He’s the founder of,  a physical therapist, and the  author of the New York Times Best Seller  “Becoming a Supple Leopard“.  He also has an extensive library in YouTube  depicting guides to resolve pains, preventing injuries and optimizing your performance.  Check it out.

Recently he came out with a book called “Ready to Run : Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally“.  He couldn’t have come out with a better book for me and perfect timing too! I read the book while on vacation.  It was awesome! The book gives a detailed plan on how to improve your body to run and maintain your body free of injury…just what I needed!Ready to Run

The book provides exercises and insights on how to develop your running potential by removing your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths, prevent chronic injuries, how to treat pain and swelling,  and also prepare your body for the  demands of running.  This book was perfect for me because it didn’t just give the proper tools to prepare my body to run but it also educated me on what I’ve been doing wrong all of these year when it comes to running.

At the end of the book he provides a 28 Day Sample Mobility Overhaul Plan to be able to “install” his approach to anybody’s daily exercise routine.  I’m on week 1 now.  It  is challenging but I know I will reap long-lasting benefits. His intent with this plan is to find out what best works for you to solve your current problems and eventually prevent any future ones.

Another thing that I started this week was swimming.  After  my positive experience while Scuba Diving, I decided I needed to get back in the pool and start working on my stamina and mobility.

I’ll work hard to recover from my injuries by continuing my PT sessions, adding the knowledge and mobility moves from Kelly’s book, and also swim in between to get my body ready for the marathon and eventually to  summit  Mt Rainier. Don’t think I’ll run to the top like Katie did but at least I know I’ll be able to get to the summit and back to Paradise with no issues.