Rock Climbing & Yoga

When I returned from Mt Rainier I was very disappointed about the premature halt  of my summit bid, but I have committed myself to  train the correct way for my 2015 summit bid!

So first I needed to heal. I was dealing with my IT band , my plantar fasciitis  and my hamstring, so I needed to get my body right. I’ve been dealing with injuries for the last couple of months but it feels like its been forever; there’s always something bothering me. Also I need to improve my balance, footwork, and flexibility.

After the Mt Rainier climbing season is over, a lot of the RMI guides scatter all over the world to work as guides, ski patrol , ski instructors etc. and a common denominator that I heard a lot of them say was in their “off season” they do ice climbing or rock climbing so I decided to give it a try.

I went to my local rock climbing club, the “Triangle Rock Club”. The first thing I needed to do was get “Belay Certified” so I did a 2 hr “Introduction to Climbing” course that provided safe climbing techniques, details of different types of climbing, proper rope belay techniques, the correct use of harnesses, and the figure 8 follow -through knot.

After the climbing course I got right to it! Rock climbing is an awesome work out. Holy crap….this thing is the real deal! Rock climbing requires really good footwork (that I desperately need) , lower body strength ( that I also also need), hand grip endurance, and lean muscles.

Rock Climbing
That’s me in the back!

My heart rate really got going while I was climbing those walls. There was another wannabe rock climber in the climbing course so we belayed each other but the gym also had auto-belay devices if we wanted to do the routes on our own.

One thing that I really enjoyed was that I needed to be focused on every move and how it was going to affect my next move and so on; so I really needed to concentrate on how I was setting up my route. I needed to be aware of my body and use it to my benefit, shifting it appropriately and placing my feet correctly.

After doing a couple of routes (or problems) I learned that I needed to have some sort of strategy before I started. I planned the route in my head prior to starting and then tried to execute it and if it didn’t work I just needed to figure it out while I was up there.

Every time I started I was totally focused on the climb and really didn’t think about anything else. I zoned in only on the climb.

After the climbing course, I went to the gym 3 days back to back and was loving it. I also continued to go to the physical therapist. My IT band was improving but my hamstring wasn’t. The PT suggested that I put the rock climbing on hold until my hamstring got healed and concentrate on flexibility. She suggested Yoga.

So I tried Yoga!

I found a Bikram Yoga studio near my house and decided to try it out. I followed the instruction they suggested prior to going to the class; hydrate accordingly, don’t eat 3 hours before to the class, but I really didn’t know what to expect. It was rough!

Bikram Yoga is a combination of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a room heated to 104°F with 40% humidity— it was freaking hot! I was waiting for the teacher for no longer than 5 minutes and I was sweating buckets. It was insane. My main reason to try yoga was to improve my flexibility, increase overall strength, and improve balance, but Bikram Yoga at least for me is a no-go…don’t get me wrong we worked on the poses and with time you can improve your flexibility but the heat was too much! It was draining me and I felt I was going to cramp up at any moment and also I felt a bit light headed at times. Just the amount of liquid I lost was unbearable and I felt so depleted.

Bikram Yoga = 1
Brian = 0

On to the next thing!

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