Start Here!

If you are new to mountaineering this page will give you a quick jump start specifically if you plan on climbing Mt Rainier, also I share additional info to help you improve your overall well being!


If you decide to do a solo climb you need the following:

  • Day by day detail of my first attempt to Mt Rainier , click here!
  • Please visit my equipment page, it details all equipment you need to get to the summit!
  • Post & video on how to pack your backpack for the expedition, go to the bottom of the post!
Continuous Improvement
Sleep Smarter


Morning Routine
  • airbnb – Hotel replacement..home away from home!
  • Bluehost –  I host this site with Bluehost, its extremely easy to set up. If you want to create a site I highly recommend Bluehost

*Disclaimer – some of the links that I’ve shared are affiliate links and I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend them because I have experienced the products/services personally and know they will be helpful to all of you!