Mt Rainier Training Plan – Part 2

Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful winter! (Just two more day till spring though!)

We actually moved to Connecticut in mid-February so have experienced some interesting weather the last couple of weeks but it’s been good for me to get a bit more comfortable walking on snow. Don’t think this snow is similar to the one up on Mt Rainier but at least its snow!

For the last couple of months I’ve been preparing to start my Mt Rainier training and also researching other training regimens to add to the training I did last year. I found a really interesting and specific training program that I’ve been “testing out” for the last 2 months and it’s awesome and it’s kicking my butt!

It’s a 10 week program specifically designed for mountaineering expeditions such as…you guess it Mt Rainier!!

This program is a bit different than the Mt Rainier training plan I used last year.  It has similar exercises but it’s more intense and it focuses on 3 core aspects:

  • Toughen up your legs
  • Increase your overall core strength
  • Improve your durability and injury resistance

I’m not going to lie; this program does kick it up a notch! Whomever decides to do it needs to be in good physical condition and be ready to commit between 45 to 75 minutes 5 days per week.

It doesn’t need any fancy equipment but you need access to a regular gym with basic equipment and also a sand bag between 40 & 60 lbs.

The first couple of weeks the workouts are designed  to help build a good base; the final weeks really kick into gear with  more endurance training to prepare you for the mountain ahead.

There is a lot of step ups!! A lot! Using your backpack.

Currently I’m on session 39 (out of 50) of my “test run” and it’s been rough!When my “real” training starts I will add long hikes and also rock climbing.

The program I’m using is called “Big Mountain Climbing Training Program” offered by Strong Swift Durable.  They offer different type of training programs for Military Athletes, Law Enforcement Athletes, Fire & Rescue Athletes and off course Mountain Athletes!

Mt Rainier Training Plan

Before day 1 of the program I wanted to check out what I was getting myself into and was a bit lost from all the different names they have for exercises! I was like what the hell !#$%&!  Names like Scotty Bob, Hippity Hops , Kneeling Founder , Curtis P , Bird Dogs , The Jane Fonda , Slasher , Hinge Lift, Full Leg Blaster , Mini Leg Blaster and the list goes on!

They have an extensive video library with all the exercises in the program. Once I started it, I realized a lot of the exercises I was familiar with  already.  They just have another weird ass name for them…it was actually cool!

On one of my long hikes last year my knee & hamstring started to bother me. It slowed my training but it really it didn’t affect it that much. I visited my Physical Therapist to get some work on these issues and try to help out with the pain and overall discomfort. It decreased my training but it didn’t stop me from going up  Mt Rainier.

When I returned from the expedition I continued to work on my hamstring and knee with my PT but it still bothered me. While doing the above training plan for the last couple of weeks sometimes I’ve had to stop because the pain has been unbearable and I really didn’t want to continue to strain myself.

I stopped going to the PT for a couple of weeks in North Carolina  just before our move to Connecticut but I was able to find a really cool group of PT’s that I think have found my real issue!

After the initial assessment they concluded that my issues was not  with my hamstring; it’s actually my lumbar spine that’s causing all of the pain in my hamstring area. I’ve been working for 2 weeks now with them and I see progress by doing a different set of exercises and routines to improve my lumbar spine tightness.

Unfortunately due to my continuous issues with my hamstring (actually my lumbar spine) and not giving my body a break from training I haven’t been able to mitigate my growing pains.I have decided to take a pause on my training for my summit bid this summer and postpone it till 2016.

It really was a hard decision but I need to get my body right before I undertake another training regimen to climb Mt Rainier. I feel I could physically make it this year even with my current situation but it’s better to heal my body and get it to an optimal state!

I am still committed to provide all of you continuous information on how to get to the summit of Mt Rainier so don’t expect me to stop posting on the blog!!

You thought I was done didn’t you….no way!!

Hope to see you guys soon!

*I have no affiliation with “Strong Swift Durable” just wanted to provide you guys some good info!

4 thoughts on “Mt Rainier Training Plan – Part 2”

  1. Oh no say it isnt so! Your training blog has helped me with my anxiety. Now I’m on my own in training for this climb. LOL. Thanks for the new workout guide!! I need to kick it up a notch

  2. Brian!

    Great blog–I am from Seattle, now living in VA, sadly, and am preparing for a July 2016 summit bid to celebrate turning 50. Your blog has been a real help! Maybe we’ll be on the same rope team?

    Good luck with your training…


    1. Deborah,
      Thanks! Yea maybe we will…I am planning next year around July’16 Ill contact you next year and see if we can get to the summit together!

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