Mt Rainier is Gluten Free?!

When we arrived at BaseCamp after our Mt Rainier summit attempt I was really bummed because I wasn’t able to get to the top. I was very disappointed to say least…. but I still had my appetite. We were hungry, so we ordered some subs, beer and wine and we met as a team one last time….we were all eating like we hadn’t for days!

And also, as a treat, we met Dave Hahn. He is one of RMI’s more experienced and accomplished guides and if you don’t know who he is….he’s a rockstar among the mountaineering/climbing community. He’s an absolute legend. He’s the only non-sherpa climber to reach Mt. Everest 15 times.

He came over and introduced himself and stayed for a while at our table and had some food too. One interesting fact that we found out about him is that he’s gluten-free. In one of his first attempts to summit Mt. Everest he was battling a host of ailments – upset stomach, diarrhea & such that almost put a stop to his climb. Little did he know that the food he was eating was the cause of his problems. He was diagnosed with celiac disease. Clearly he changed his diet and continued climbing and never looked back!

Catie(My GF) is also gluten free. She, on the other hand, does not have celiac disease but a couple of years ago she decided to give the gluten free lifestyle a try. She had been battling stomach issues for a couple years without a true reason, so she self-prescribed the gluten free lifestyle and since the change her gut movements have improved greatly. Also, she started kicking my ass in triathlons! So, in summary, her overall health improved.

Another athlete that had incredible results when he changed his diet was Novak Djokovic. He was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. At that time he was overwhelmed with chest pain, stomach spasms, breathing issues and fatigue. Before going gluten free he would load up on pizza, pasta, bread and the the likes, and to make it easier for him to load up, his parent’s owned a restaurant!

After fully implementing his new gluten free diet and also eating more fruit and leafy green vegetables, his energy soared and he went on to win 3 Grand Slams and 53 consecutive matches. Pretty good results if you ask me!

For the last couple of years I’ve improved the way I eat but hadn’t fully committed to the gluten free lifestyle. I always go back to drinking beer, eating pastries and pasta and a lot of other foods that have gluten in them which you will discover if you do some research.

Gluten really doesn’t affect me like the 3 athletes I mention above, but gluten filled food really doesn’t bring any added value either, so I decided a couple of weeks ago (November 1st to be exact) that I will no longer eat any food or drinks that contain gluten.

I was a bit concerned about starting because of all the food I was removing from my diet and how I was sacrificing my hunger to follow a limited diet……but in reality I’m not sacrificing anything. To the contrary, I’m adding value to my life and a positive challenge on how to make my food even better than before. I am improving my life by changing my environment inside and outside of my body so that I have control of my future!

There are a lot of options out there for gluten free food. One example is bread. There are a bunch of different products but the one that I like the most is Against the Grain bread’s & pizza’s. They are outstanding!

Against the Grain gluten free bread
Against the Grain gluten free bread

One product that I just recently found, and it is awesome, is freeze-dried food.

When we went up for our first attempt on Mt Rainier we needed to buy gluten free food pouches for Catie and we really didn’t find that many options (we really didn’t plan for this appropriately either). We ended buying some Mountain House Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend pouches. They were OK but Catie really wanted something a bit more calorie heavy for our climb. They worked, but for our next climb we’re gonna take Good To-Go Dehydrated Gourmet. I was amazed how good these pouches of dehydrated food are. They are sooooo good!

Good To-Go gluten free

I was impressed! they have 4 different flavors:


They are exceptionally good, even though they come in a bag. It is restaurant quality food; the good kind of restaurant! And all the ingredients you can actually pronounce. My favorite is the Thai Curry followed by the Classic Marinara with Penne. The Bean Chilli and Risotto are also really good. Catie likes all four of them equally and another reason she loves them is that they are all made in Maine (Catie’s from Maine).

Check them out….we actually had all of them for dinner at my house so we were far from a hike or a mountain and they were awesome…I can’t even imagine how good they will taste after a long hike….can’t wait!
Good To-Go gluten free
GF for life!!

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  1. You guys are the BOMB!! I want to be just like you 😉
    ….No seriously, we learn so much from you guys and you are a walking/living example of what you preach! Keep up the great work!

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