Equipment list for a 4 day Mt Rainier expedition

Purchased equipment will be highlighted in orange
Rented equipment will be highlighted in blue

  •  Backpack – 65-70 liter pack – Osprey Aether 70
    Osprey Aether 70
  • Sleeping Bag & Stuff Sack – Bag rated between 0° to 20°
    0° bag in May,June & September – 20° bag in July & August
  • Ice Axes – Mt Rainier is mostly a non-technical climb so the axe will be used only above Camp Miur. The axe is a good tool to help keep your balance when climbing steeper slopes
  • Crampons – 10 or 12 point steel adjustable crampons are ideal for Mt Rainier
  • Alpine Harness with Triple Locking Carabiner – We’ll be walking a lot with our harness on, alpine harnesses have simple designs and less padding on the hip and waist belts allowing more range of motion – a triple locking carabiner is a locking carabiner that requires three steps to open : lifting the lock, twisting the lock & pushing the gate open
  • Helmet – A UIAA or CE certified climbing helmet, the helmet should fit comfortably similar to the fit of a regular hat
  • Trekking Poles – Larger basket and ski poles work well on Mt Rainier – REI Carbon Power Lock Trekking Poles
    trekking poles
  • Avalanche Transceiver A class of active radio beacon for the purpose of finding people or equipment under snow
  • Glacier Glasses – dark lensed sunglasses with side shields or full wrapped – Julbo MonteBianco
    Julbo MonteBianco
  • Goggles – Amber or rose tinted
  • Headlamp – With new batteries! – Black Diamond Storm
  • Warm Hat – Wool or synthetic winter hat – Mountain Hardwear AirShield Micro Dome
  • Buff or Neck Gaiter – A buff or light neck gaiter will be used to protect the face from wind and cold also for sun protection – Buff Original Headwear
  • Ball Cap/Sun Hat/Baseball Hat – To shield your face from the sun – Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Cap
  • Light Weight GlovesLight gloves can be fleece, soft shell or wind block type of material
  • Medium Weight Gloves – Typical ski glove, wind & water proof
  • Heavy Weight Gloves or Mitts – These will be used high on the mountain in cold or stormy conditions
  • Mountaineering Boots – Insulated with complete rigid soles, we needs these so that our feet remain stiff when kicking steps and working with crampons
  • Gaiters – Knee-length gaiters, large enough to fit over boots.
  • Socks (2) – Wool or synthetic, I’ll use the sock I’m using for my training – medium weight socks – Thorlos LTH Light Hiking Socks
  • Upper Body Layer 1  – Baselayer – Long sleeve wool or synthetic top light color, non-cotton – Patagonia Capilene 3 Midweight Zip Neck
    Upper Body Layer 1 - Baselayer
  • Upper Body Layer 2  – Light Insulation – Light weight jacket  with or w/o hood, running/work out layer enough to combat the cold
  • Upper Body Layer 3  – Medium Insulation – Wind and water resistance, this layer increases warmth and provides wind and weather protection
  • Upper Body Layer 4  – Hard Shell  Rain proof jacket with hood(nylon material)
  • Upper Body Layer 5  – Parka  Heavy parka that extends below the waist and with insulated hood
  • Lower Body Layer 1 – Underwear Non-cotton briefs for men & women; and non-cotton sports bra for women – Exofficio GIVE-N-GO BOXER BRIEF

Lower Body Layer 2 – Baselayer – Lightweight pair of baselayer bottoms or non-cotton  long-johns – Patagonia Capilene 3 Midweight Bottoms

  • Lower Body Layer 3 – Climbing Pants Soft shell climbing pants
  • Lower Body Layer 4 – Hard Shell Pants Waterproof pants with 3/4 side zippers (or 7/8)
  • Hiking Shirt – For hot days a lightweight & synthetic shirt works well, long sleeves are recommended for sun protection – The North Face Long Sleeve Voltage Crew
  • Hiking Pants/Shots Lightweight, synthetic pants or shorts for hiking at lower altitudes in warm conditions


  • Sunscreen SPF 15 or higher
  • Lip Balm SPF 15 or higher
  • Bowl Sea to Summit X Bowl
  • Mug GSI Fairshare Mug
  • Utensil MSR Folding Spork
  • Garbage Bags Used for lining backpack or sleeping bag stuff sack
  • Ziploc Bags for personal trash
  • Ear Plugs To block out noise when resting
  • Toothpaste Travel size
  • Toothbrush
  • Baby Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toilet Paper Cotton Buds Tissue
  • Water Bottle3 Nalgene Bottles

If you have any questions about the equipment list please send me an email –