Morning Routine to reach my summit!

On Summit Day we woke up at 1 AM and barely slept 4 hours. It was a rough night.

With the excitement of the upcoming day, being a bit scared on the outcome, and sleeping at 10K plus feet wasn’t a perfect sleeping scenario and don’t forget the other 15 people sleeping around you!

As you all know my first attempt to the summit didn’t turn out as planned. The guides turned me back when we were close to 12K feet, due to my inexperience and my clumsiness. They agreed I was too much of a liability so they sent me back to Camp Muir with 4 other team members- – – not the outcome I was hoping for, but I will go back and get to that summit!

As I continue to improve myself physically and mentally by adding yoga to my weekly routine, implementing the sleeping tips from Shaw Stevenson’s book, complementing my yoga practice with meditation, eating a gluten free diet, all of these things have slowly improved my overall well being but I still felt that I needed to do something a bit more radical in my life to really make a difference.

I listen to a couple of podcasts…well I only listen to 2 podcasts, The Smart Passive Income & The Tim Ferriss Show.

I was listening to the latter a couple of weeks ago while I was driving to Charlotte. If you don’t know who Tim Ferriss is, he’s the author of a book called  The 4-Hour Work Week that was an international bestseller, if you haven’t read it, it’s a must read I highly recommend.

On his podcast he interviews highly motivated and high level performers in their areas of expertise to find ways and means to improve one’s life. Recently he had Tony Robbins on his show, I’m not going to go into much detail about who Tony Robbins is but he’s a world famous performance coach. He’s advised US presidents, highly successful athletes and Oprah…if you coach Oprah you are in a league of your own!

So in summary he’s an extremely successful high performer. One of the many topics they discussed in the podcast (that I highly recommend you listen too) was morning routines.

morning routine
My morning routine is usually different every day, no consistency.
  • Monday – Wake up at 6 AM go to the gym, go for a walk with Marley and then to work
  • Tuesday – Wake up at 7:15 AM run to take Marley for a walk and then to work
  • Wednesday – Wake up at 6 AM to go to the gym but snoozed at least 3 times so ended up getting out off bed around 6:45 AM..not good , then took Marley for a quick walk
  • Thursday – Wake up at 6:30…made a morning shake, walked Marley then went to work
  • Friday – Wake up at 7:15 and stayed in bed for 15 min just laying there!!! and then took Marley out for a walk then to work

As you can see the only consistent thing I do in the morning is push my snooze button on my alarm and walk Marley!

Tony Robbins does 2 things in the morning, he:
  1. Undertakes an explosive change to His physiology (Contrast bath therapy) : He plunges into a hot water pool or into his natural pools in his house in California (Nice!) then he immediately plunges into a 57 °F degree pool to cool off!
  2. Priming (A form of meditation~kinda) : He Primes between 10-30 minutes
    • 3 to 10 minutes – He does a set of breathing exercises (the mind is the kite, breathe is the strength!)
    • 3 to 10 minutes – Feeling grateful- -for the air hitting his face, for his family, for the sun etc….
      When you’re grateful there is no anger or fear
      -Trade your expectation for appreciation!
    • 3 to 10 minutes  – Feeling the presence of God (or any higher being) and what I like the most is that he focuses on 3 things he wants to  thrive at when doing them. It could be small things or big things, but the 3 things that he wants to do, he wants to do those 3 things great.

He does all of this while listening to music, just instrumental music or sounds of a vibration.

“If you want to live a Prime life you have to be in a Prime state!”
Tony Robbins

This guy is awesome! I hope I meet him one day!

On the same ride to Charlotte I listened  to another podcast from Pat Flynn’s The Smart Passive Income. Pat was interviewing a guy named Hal Elrod who wrote a book called “The Miracle Morning”.

Morning Routine

Hal is a Keynote speaker, Success Coach , ultra-marathoner and much more! He has a really inspiring story. Check out the podcast. It is really good.

After listening to the podcast I was very impressed about how he literally taught himself how to walk again and became the person who he is today by implementing radical changes in his life.

One of the things he implemented was “The Miracle Morning” a routine he created. He initially shared his “routine” with his clients and then he decided to share it with the rest of the world by writing the book.

I was inspired by his story and also motivated to continue to improve my life. I read the book in 2 days and implemented The Miracle Morning’s road map the following day!

The main idea of the miracle morning is to be extremely productive before 8AM by doing a set of activities that Hal calls S.A.V.E.R.S.

  • S – Silence
  • A – Affirmations
  • V – Visualization
  • E – Exercise
  • R – Reading
  • S – Scribing

For Silence I was already meditating but now I  meditate in the mornings. Hal recommends 10 minutes on each of the S.A.V.E.R.S but I meditate for 15 minutes.

*When I started meditating I just used a timer, but now I use an app called HEADSPACE and its awesome! It gives you step by step instructions on how to meditate. It teaches you different exercises to improve your meditation practice.If you decide to use it they have a 10 day trial, then you have to subscribe. As I progressed in the daily meditation sessions they sent me a couple of discount codes, so use then at your leisure!

  • Promo code = GETSOMEHEADSPACE  – 25% off
  • Promo code = PREMIUM1M-D3L5R4 – 1 month off
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    Use the promo codes when you check out


“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief . Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”
Muhammad Ali

So as my boy Ali mentioned above, affirmations in a nutshell are reciting to yourself that you will succeed in whatever is that you are doing by repeating to yourself what you will do and what you want to become!

This is the first affirmation i wrote down:
“I will get to the summit of Mt Rainier”
No joke!

This was a bit hard for me, but I’ve been working on it through my meditation. I need to concentrate more on specific topics and really go deep and concentrate more on them.I always have a million things going through my head, but continue to work on it.

Before I start visualization I read this:
“Visualize who you need to be and what you need to do. Who do you want to become, what do you want to do and where do you want to go”

It helps me focus a lot, I read it a couple of times and then I start.

“See things as you would have them instead as of they are.”
Robert Collier

This is a no brainer! Exercising really helps improve your energy at any time of the day, but if you exercise in the morning  it significantly boosts your energy even more, and it truly feels good!

For me it has been extremely positive to workout in the morning, It sets up my day perfectly, before 8AM I am done working out and I feel so good.

There’s been some mornings that I just do some yoga and stretch and then do a longer workout later in the day and it still feels good but when I do a full workout routine in the mornings it really improves my day dramatically. My energy level is high and my focus is sharp. Still need more commitment and focus on my part to do a full workout in the mornings every day, but right now on average I’m working out 4 out of 7 days a week in the mornings.

I usually read at night for an hour using my tablet and then read 5 to 10 minutes from a physical book right before bed, but reading in the mornings has helped kickstart my brain for the day ahead regardless what that day looks like.

But the main benefit for me is that I continue to gain knowledge, ideas and strategies to improve my life and the life of the people around me. Books provide a step by step model to other people’s success that you can follow and achieve by simply reading their book!

This was new to me! Scribing or writing has never been a habit I’ve had ,at least before I started this blog.

I had to read this part of “The Miracle Morning” book a couple of times to give me a bit more direction on what exactly to do, but I still struggled the first couple of days.

I shared my conundrum with Catie and this is what she recommended “Just write the first thing that comes to your mind”, it was so simple but so powerful.

Now I just write anything that comes to my mind:
  • Being thankful
  • My to do list
  • More affirmations
  • How I feel
  • My 3 to thrive (Thanks Tony!)

Using her advice, now I just simply write for a couple of minutes and done!

I battle with stress like almost everybody in the world, but sometimes it affects me greatly. Since I started writing I feel that my stress levels have decreased, I use it as a form of therapy.

There you have it peeps, Little by little I feel my overall well being improving!