Energy to climb Mt Rainier

Have you guys ever heard of Tony Robbins? I mentioned him in a post regarding  morning routines. His morning routine is really cool (literally). He does Contrast Bath Therapy and a thing called Priming every day. Check out the post.

I’ve  heard about him for quite some time but never really got  into learning about  his teachings and such, but for the  last year I’ve been really trying to improve my overall physical and mental health, my finances, and my relationships, to truly be the best version of myself and he was a common denominator in a lot of my findings.

I’m a big fan of TED Talks (if you’re not you better get on it!) I saw a Ted Talk featuring Tony Robbins …one of most viewed videos by the way…..and his energy & knowledge  blew my mind and I wondered how does this guy get all of his energy. I want that energy!

He does  a number of seminars  every year and I really wanted to experience  what he does up close and personal. He has a couple of seminars that we could choose from  so we decided to sign up for the “Unleash the Power Within” seminar in Chicago.  It was life changing— truly life changing. I am truly  at lost for words on how to describe what these 4 days (long days I might add)  did for me and Catie.   He really goes deep into our psyche & subconscious to  help us discover what our limiting beliefs are,  to help us  uncover the person we really want to be, where we want to be in our life, and most importantly how to get there.  The simple (and very summarized) answer is that we need to change our physical, mental and spiritual State.

The four days were physically intense…very intense.  He wanted us to eliminate our limiting beliefs. At the end of the first day we ended by walking on fire coals that averaged a temperature between 1,000 & 2,000 ºF….what!!! Average day in the life of a FREAKING ROCK STAR!

And we both did it, plus all my 7,500 new friends! Fantastic time…I would highly recommend this seminar to everyone, regardless where you are in your life you will gain so much; its priceless! Do it….YES…YES…YES!

After 3 days of full immersion in “Unleash the Power Within” there was an incredible clarity on what we needed to do to take our life to the next level, but to continue with this momentum we needed to ensure our energies would continue to be in the same Prime state we had been in, so the last day was focused on how to revitalize and transform our physical health, energy, and vitality, that we needed to support our new state!

So how am I going to dramatically transform my body?
By using my power, energy, intention and this incredible inner computer we all have…our brain.

Lets start with a very simple 3 word phrase:

“Health is Energy”

So if we want to have never ending energy we need to have optimal health…simple.

So what do we need to be alive? *Based on my perspective in life:

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Food

That’s pretty much it,maybe a little bit of Love every now and then 😉

I’m going to concentrate on food (because I love to eat!) but oxygen and water are more important than food…yep I said it!

Without oxygen we die, plain and simple so don’t forget to breath…don’t worry though, your brain takes care of that…ever thought  about how you keep breathing when you go to bed?!  Weird right.

Water is an essential component of all living beings…all beings…us humans are pretty much made out of water.  Our brains, lungs and blood are almost 80% water. We can live several days without food no problem; ever done a juice cleanse? You survived right? All liquid baby, no food, so please people drink water…we’ve heard this so many times but it never gets old, drink water!! How much water do we need daily? Simple math — drink half your body weight in ounces…done.

Drinking water


Ok….lets talk food. Its been almost a year since I decided to change my diet and be 100% gluten free and its been great but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve been 100% compliant on following the gluten free life style but nowadays you can pretty much find anything gluten free so its easy to eat unhealthy foods and still be “gluten free”.

Food is an asset we need to power our energy so we can have optimal health, but we need to consume healthy foods filled with nutrients to help our bodies perform at a peak state consistently.

So what do we usually eat? Personally, I eat on average  60-80% animal-based protein per meal and the rest carbohydrates and greens/vegetables and  sometimes 100% animal-based protein (bacon & eggs baby!! love it) so as you can see I eat a ton of animal product.

Clearly the bulk of my daily food intake is animal-based protein and as humans we need protein to be able to function normally and keep in good health but I decided that I needed to continue to improve  by changing my diet further, shifting to a more plant-based  diet versus what I’ve been doing almost all my life.

Big change! So why am I doing this?

We went through a lot of information in the last day of “Unleash the Power Within” seminar but there was a couple of things that really resonated with me; all of them did but a few really shifted the way I view food.

One was the consumption of animal-based proteins does not always have the best effect in our bodies.  It can elevate our cholesterol levels and it also increases our risk of getting  degenerative diseases. I’m no expert—far from it— but every time we go to the doctor, nutritionist, coaches at the gym etc..the common denominator when it comes to nutrition is….you know it…you know it … eat your greens & vegetables.  At least 50%-60% of your daily food consumption should be veggies and leafy greens.

vegetables mt rainier

And the thing is we  all know this, we just choose not to follow these guidelines for whatever reason; we just don’t.  But after taking in all of this information and putting it into perspective on where I am in my life and what I want to accomplish moving forward, I really need to take care of my body a lot more.

I think I’ve done an OK job the last couple of years, improving my diet and getting more physically active but there is so much more I can do to really live a more fulfilled and “balanced” life.

I primarily consume protein, carbs, some fats and  some greens but I decided to do a little bit of an experiment on myself.  I am going to change my diet and eat more vegetables and  leafy greens and remove almost all animal-base proteins. I’m not going to stop eating them completely but will reduce them dramatically.

Again guys this is not rocket science and we’ve heard this so many times we just choose not to do it but I want to see how my body feels and reacts to this change.

The Monday after coming back from the “Unleash the Power Within” we went all out and changed our diet dramatically.  I’ll be honest with you guys,  that first week I struggled and was getting hangry quite often.  Catie went all out; she was not messing around with it and implemented the changes immediately.

This is a sample of what we ate that first week:
  • Breakfast : A big ass salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, broccoli, carrots, spinach, celery, lettuce, kale, arugula, olive oil, salt/pepper and lemon. I was truly missing my eggs a lot but I wanted to test myself out the first week going really extreme. – No coffee just herbal tea.
  • Lunch : Another big ass salad similar to the one from breakfast, some roasted vegetables and carbs like red/black rice, rice noodles or some black rice Ramen noodles that I love!
  • Dinner : was very similar to lunch.
  • I did have a lot of snacks between meals…I’m training for the NYC Marathon so I’m running almost everyday so I needed more food.
    • These snacks included fruit smoothies (banana, avocado, berries, almond milk and sometimes I added almond butter)
    • almonds, pistachios,sun flower seeds etc.. and fruits.  Sometimes I just ate more salad with rice noodles on top and boom!

I had to do a long run the Saturday after we came back so the night before I ate rice Ramen noodles with a side salad and it worked great and for breakfast I did not change my routine,  ate half of a gluten free baguette from Against the Grain with some almond butter and my buttered coffee. We started drinking Bulletproof coffee last year and its awesome, but I changed up the recipe I bit adding red palm oil to the concoction and its even better (check out the recipe) …this is actually how Laird Hamilton drinks his coffee; we have  to get those good fats & oils somewhere.

Ok…in conclusion the first week was rough I needed to make some tweaks to make it work. I decided to add eggs, fish, some sauces (curry , tomato, pesto etc...) beans and essential oils.

For the essential oils I purchased a brand called Udo’s 3-6-9 Blend, I add 1-2 tablespoons of oil to my food and I’m good to go!

After adding these items to my meals things got a lot better, and slowly but surely my cravings for animal-proteins were not taking over my life!

I’ve been eating this way almost 7 weeks now and things are good.  Just to reiterate I did not remove all animal-proteins from my diet I just eat this way 70% of the time and usually on weekends I eat some seafood, beef, pork & lamb. I haven’t had chicken though. I don’t know why but have no desire to eat chicken anymore.

One thing that I’ve started experimenting  with is the fuel I eat when I’m running. The  recommendation is to consume at least 100 to 200 calories per hour, very similar to the recommendations when climbing Mt. Rainier. If you go back to my Summit Day post you can check it out.

Usually when running over an hour I take gel packs and also started using Quest Bars (delicious btw!) but wanted to experiment making my own fuel to take on my runs and eventually up Mt Rainier.

Back in my Paleo diet days I baked a carrot cake every week to eat as a snack or sometimes as breakfast.  Later on I made mini-cupcakes and mini-donuts using the same carrot cake recipe because it was easy to travel with and I could make a huge batch and freeze them. I took a couple of cupcakes this past weekend on my 13 mile run and they worked well,  but I need to tweak the recipe a bit to make the cupcakes more substantial —in other words add more calories.

Also, during my shorter runs  I’ve been testing out some power bars I made and these guys work really well.  I’m going to make a batch this week to test them out further. These are really easy to make —no baking necessary just ingredients and a food processor.  I like these a lot because they have some ground coffee in them…love them.

On the next post I will share the recipes for the cupcakes and bars.

Ok…so what did we learn from this post?  Uuhhhh, that you can eat whatever you want, your body is your  temple so you should care about what you put into it.

I’m not a nutritionist, a doctor or a trainer,  I’m just a guy who likes to do stuff outdoors and push my body and see what happens and also I like to eat… a lot! I’m not going to stop eating bacon (are you crazy!) or stop drinking wine or mojitos or old fashions or jager….but I do want to maximize my body as much as I can, so I need to take care of it as much as I can with what I have available.  For me, taking care of my body  means  being active and eating the right food plain and simple, and I will continue to learn and implement my experiments  and see what sticks!

Eat on!

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  1. Great suggestions on fueling up for consistent energy in general, and for those all important marathon training runs, Brian!…(And you can’t go wrong with Tony Robbins in my book)….

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