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Yoga to Climb Mt Rainier

After my experience with Bikram Yoga I wasn’t discouraged and continued to pursue the right form of yoga that best suited me. I found a Hatha Yoga studio called “Integral Yoga Studio”.

Hatha Yoga consists of 4 disciplines, Asana (postures) , Shatkarma (cleansing techniques) , Pranayama (breathing techniques) , Mudra (gestures) and Meditation.

I got a really good feeling when I arrived at this studio—very simple & clean, and it felt so serene. The instructor and owner of the studio is an Indian gentleman who’s been doing yoga for a couple of decades. He decided to quit his job (Engineer) to pursue his deep interest in yoga.

This class was more like what I was looking for.

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Rock Climbing & Yoga

When I returned from Mt Rainier I was very disappointed about the premature halt  of my summit bid, but I have committed myself to  train the correct way for my 2015 summit bid!

So first I needed to heal. I was dealing with my IT band , my plantar fasciitis  and my hamstring, so I needed to get my body right. I’ve been dealing with injuries for the last couple of months but it feels like its been forever; there’s always something bothering me. Also I need to improve my balance, footwork, and flexibility.

After the Mt Rainier climbing season is over, a lot of the RMI guides scatter all over the world to work as guides, ski patrol , ski instructors etc. and a common denominator that I heard a lot of them say was in their “off season” they do ice climbing or rock climbing so I decided to give it a try.

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