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Training for Mt Rainier with what you have

I increased my training on week 3. I also added CrossFit workouts. As you can imagine when Sunday came I was a bit¬†spent. ūüôĀ

Temperature was slightly warmer so  training was harder. To keep me hydrated during workouts or hikes I drink a lot of water; but after a long workout or hike I always like to drink coconut water. It is really refreshing and it also has less sugar, fewer calories, and less sodium than the majority of sports drinks (1 oz of coconut water contains 1.3 grams of sugar compared to Gatorade with 1.75 grams of sugar) and its so good! I drink coconut water all the time.I also mix it with rum  & vodka for a refreshing cocktail every now and then!

This week I continued to do the Daily Dozen but with a twist. We’re going to call it Daily Dozen 2.0¬†also did some CrossFit workouts and ran one day.

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