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Let the Mt Rainier Training Begin!

Hello everyone! first week of Mt Rainier training was actually really good, I even had time to go to a baseball game, I’m a big fan! There are no MLB teams in the Raleigh, NC area, but we do have a couple of Division 1 Schools and a Triple-A baseball team ;Sunday after our hike we went to a UNC vs. FSU baseball game….it was awesome. Tickets were really cheap and the quality of play was outstanding. I was a happy camper!

Ok, now to the reason we’re here…..RMI Expeditions  provided a 4 month training plan so I will try to follow what they suggest but I will incorporate swimming /biking/running & CrossFit  to my training .
Two years ago I got into CrossFit  and I’ve done it regularly even when training for triathlons so I decided to continue to do it while I train for Mt Rainier.

I believe any reasonably fit individual can climb Mt Rainier (That’s me!) with a well balanced combination of strength training, cardio intervals, swimming /biking/running & hiking. That will prepare anyone to effectively conquer Mt Rainier!

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