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Mt Rainier Equipment

RMI Expeditions  provided a list of equipment we need for the climb and as you can see the list is pretty long. After we climb Mt Rainier I will continue to climb but don’t think I’ll need to purchase all the equipment on the list; you can actually rent equipment via RMI Expeditions.

From the Mt Rainier equipment list one item that I really wanted to purchase right away was the backpack,  for a couple of reasons:

  • I can continue to use it after the climb!
  • I wanted to start training with the pack and get comfortable with it
  • The recommended backpacks to climb Mt Rainier  have to be fitted to your body (height, weight, torso,hip & shoulder measurements).

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Mt Rainier here we come!

Hello everyone and thanks for being part of my journey! Before I go into details on preparing for our training, I want to share how I decided on the expedition company we’re using to guide us up Mt Rainier.  I’ll be completely honest, it was fairly easy! There are two ways to climb Mt Rainier, guided or solo. We pondered for a second and decided to do a guided climb! We really have no experience climbing so it was an easy decision to do a guided expedition.

If you decide to do a solo climb please consider the following:

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First post!

Hello everyone this is my first post to the blog so I’m really excited to start sharing my “journey” to the summit with all of you!
We are actually on week 3 of training but on my second post I will share what we did on our prep week and if we jump the gun and bought stuff we didn’t need! ( We did!)

Catie is all excited with her new trail running shoes that she really didn’t need, will share more details in the next post.

Catie with her new trail running shoes
Catie with her new trail running shoes