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Mt Rainier Expedition Day 2 – Mountaineering School

Today we are heading to the lower slopes of Mt Rainier for our Mountaineering School!

We woke up early and went to the Whitaker Bunkhouse Café for breakfast. We  got there around 7 AM. Since  they open at 6:45 AM,  we beat the crowd.

It was around 55 °F and sunny at BaseCamp so it was comfortable and we didn’t need too many layers. We were dressed and packed for hiking.  We didn’t have to bring all of our gear but brought  some essential ones for our Mountaineering School day:

  • Backpack
  • Mountaineering boots
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • Gaiters
  • Helmet
  • Trekking poles
  • Glacier glasses
  • Light/medium weight gloves
  • Upper/lower body hard shell
  • Food & water

We all met around 8:15 AM at BaseCamp.  The guides have a daily meeting so they were done around 8:30 AM  after which we immediately  went to the van to take us all to Paradise. The BaseCamp to Paradise ride was around 30 minutes.  Once we arrived we put our backpack on and started to hike for an hour and settled on  one of  Mt Rainier’s lower glaciers to start our Mountaineering School.

Mountaineering School hike
Mountaineering School hike

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Mt Rainier Expedition Day 1 – Orientation

Our Mt Rainier Expedition  is finally here!

We arrived in Seattle Sea-Tac Airport Saturday August 30th around 11 AM. The first thing we wanted to do was buy all the food & snacks we needed for the expedition and after a 5 hr flight from Charlotte and no food service we were a bit famished! The only place we knew that had a couple of snacks we needed was REI so we decided to go to the REI flagship store in downtown Seattle…this place is awesome and it also has a restaurant on the top floor so it was perfect because I was about to pass out if I didn’t eat something soon!mt rainier expeditionREI Flag Ship Store picture by sonofabike

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Mt Rainier equipment update

Hello everybody! The hike is getting closer and closer so I needed to finalize the Mt Rainier equipment I am going to buy or rent, so below I detail what I ended up doing.I ended up renting a lot of the stuff! But I’ll first share  with you the items I purchased.

As mentioned in previous posts I’ve bought the backpack, socks & trekking poles so far, now I needed to figure out what else I needed to buy, so here’s the list of items I bought:

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Mt Rainier Equipment

RMI Expeditions  provided a list of equipment we need for the climb and as you can see the list is pretty long. After we climb Mt Rainier I will continue to climb but don’t think I’ll need to purchase all the equipment on the list; you can actually rent equipment via RMI Expeditions.

From the Mt Rainier equipment list one item that I really wanted to purchase right away was the backpack,  for a couple of reasons:

  • I can continue to use it after the climb!
  • I wanted to start training with the pack and get comfortable with it
  • The recommended backpacks to climb Mt Rainier  have to be fitted to your body (height, weight, torso,hip & shoulder measurements).

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