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Mt Rainier Summit Day

Ok everybody this is  the day we have  all been waiting for—Summit day!

The guides woke us up at 1 AM and we had one hour to get ready! I think I slept maybe 3-4 hrs, usually it takes me while to fall asleep and up in the mountains was no different. I was still sleepy and tired when I woke up but had no choice. Had to put on my gear and get on with it!

That hour sure went quickly.  Before we knew it, it was time to go. I  had actually slept with a couple of layers so just had to change my socks and add a few layers, made some coffee, and attempted to eat as much food(scones+ almond butter) as I could. I wasn’t that hungry but needed to consume some calories and warm up a bit before we left.

mt rainier summit day
Ready for the summit!

 The temperature was around 25°F so it was chilly! Our crampons were outside so once we were done eating and packing all our gear we needed to go outside and get our crampons on. After the crampons were on  we had to stay outside, so we waited until the last few  minutes to go outside and put them on.

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Mt Rainier Expedition Day 3 – Hike to Camp Muir

On Day 3  we hiked to Camp Muir with all of our gear. My pack weighed  43 lbs so it was similar to the weight I used when I trained. We met at the Rainier BaseCamp, picked up our trail lunch, loaded  into the van, and we were off to Paradise to start our hike!

Hike to camp muir
Loading up the van!
We started our hike at 9:30 AM from Paradise (5,400’) and we were going to hike for around 4.5 miles up to Camp Muir —around 4 to 5 hrs depending on the pace.

Getting ready for our hike to Camp Muir
Getting ready for our hike in Paradise

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