Açaí na Tigela

As I mentioned to you guys on a previous post Açaí na Tigela is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!

I first had Açaí  on my first trip to Brazil in 2013 while I was learning Portuguese in a city called Vitória in the state of Espírito Santo. My teacher recommended that I try Açaí na Tigela so she took me to a restaurant called “Acai.com”  (there’s no website it’s just the name of the place), and my love for Açaí began! But  before I go into  a tantrum on how heavenly delicious Açaí  is, I’ll give you  some info about it that I found very interesting.
Eating Açaí for the first time!
Eating Açaí for the first time!

Açaí na Tigela has 2 main components, the Açaí Berry and Guaraná  Syrup.The Açaí Berry is a small round dark purple grape-like looking fruit  but a bit smaller, and it has less pulp due to the large seed;  the seed makes up to 80% of the fruit. The Açaí palm trees are primarily located in the Amazon region in Brazil; after the berries are harvested  they need to be processed within 24 hrs as they are extremely perishable. Once processed the extracted pulp is frozen.
Acai Berries by Lets Acai Berries by Lets

The other ingredient in Açaí na Tigela is Guaraná syrup.  This is a byproduct of the Guaraná fruit also native to the Amazon region in Brazil. The fruit is about the size of a coffee bean and color ranges between brown & red.
Guaraná by GOVBA
Guaraná fruit by GOVB

In Brazil there are several soft drinks from Guaraná extract, so in Brazil the word “Guaraná” is commonly used as a reference to a soft drink; but as I mentioned above it’s actually a fruit.

So to make this heavenly creation, the frozen Açaí pulp is blended and sweetened with Guaraná syrup until we obtain a smoothie-like consistency and boom! We can proceed to stuff our face with it until our bellies hurt…wait a minute and repeat!!!!!

Typically Açaí na Tigela is a combination of the above mentioned concoction plus bananas and granola, but you can eat it with or without these additions.You can actually eat it however you want, throw in any fruit you like, granola, nuts, cookies, chocolate syrup, dulce de leche, Nutella, peanut butter, anything you can imagine you can throw in and it’s gonna be awesome!

You can add these “sides” and blend them together or just add them on top of it, your choice! I personally like to add my sides on top, usually bananas & strawberries! I’ve had Açaí for breakfast, for lunch, after a workout, for dinner,for dessert even after a long night of drinking…..so the consumption scenarios are endless!

And if you think you are consuming “empty calories” think again my friends….Açaí is considered a super food! The Açaí berry packs a rich concentration of antioxidants, healthy fats, dietary fibers and essential amino acids.There are a lot of benefits  that  Açaí potentially could have for your well being, but for me I just think it’s delicious! If there are potential benefits that’s great but I eat it because I love it!

If you ever get a chance to go to Brazil I highly recommend you eat some Açaí. Your going to find it pretty much everywhere; primarily in the smoothie-like form, but you will also find Açaí ice cream, Açaí juice, maybe mixed in to a cocktail!

And if you don’t get a chance to go to Brazil in the near future you can  find it in a couple of supermarkets and also online! I’ve only bought the frozen packs from a brand called Sambazon. I found it at Whole Foods & Earth Fare in the frozen fruit section. They usually have 2 types — the unsweetened  (just Açaí) & another that has Açaí plus Guaraná syrup; I get the latter. They are really good! Maybe not exactly like the ones I’ve had in Brazil but close enough!

Eat up everybody!

Açaí with bananas Açaí with bananas