Mt Rainier is calling!

Mt Rainier is calling!….This week we head west to Seattle to conquer (attempt) Mt Rainier!

These past two weeks I really began to decrease my training. At this point there’s not a lot of fitness I can build on. Knowing me, I would have had injured myself if I pushed it too much these last couple of weeks!

My main goal was to finalize the equipment, list out the food we need to buy when we arrive in Seattle and  finalize any other open item I had to get done before we fly off into the sunset!

These past couple of weeks have been a bit slow and not that full of things (training primarily)  to do so I’ve caught up on some reading and read a couple of blogs I’ve been neglecting. It’s been kinda good! And most importantly, I’ve been working really hard with my Physical Therapist to improve my IT Band issue and other aches & pains  I’ve magically acquired these  last few weeks!

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Mt Rainier equipment update

Hello everybody! The hike is getting closer and closer so I needed to finalize the Mt Rainier equipment I am going to buy or rent, so below I detail what I ended up doing.I ended up renting a lot of the stuff! But I’ll first share  with you the items I purchased.

As mentioned in previous posts I’ve bought the backpack, socks & trekking poles so far, now I needed to figure out what else I needed to buy, so here’s the list of items I bought:

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Training for Mt Rainier comes to a bump in the trail!

I visited my Physical Therapist and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! My IT Band (iliotibial band) was very tight & inflamed. The IT Band is a ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin; the IT Band attaches to the knee and helps stabilize and move the joint. When the IT Band isn’t working properly, movement of the knee becomes painful. I’ve been doing a lot of prolonged and repetitive activities for the last couple of weeks so it caused my IT Band to get a bit inflamed causing my knee pain.

In Week 14 I really decreased the training as my knee was still bothering me and my Physical Therapist recommended that I reduce my workload as much as I could while she did her magic! I did two 1 hr hikes— one with weight and another with no weight. On the hike with weight, I was planning to do a longer hike but my knee started to hurt so I decided to stop the hike and rest. I tried to do the Daily Dozen 2.0 one day but while doing the squats and lunges my knee was bothering me so just did a few reps of these exercises and decided to modify it moving forward. I changed the three-quarter squats for a plank, the lunges for V ups, the deep squats for steam engine laying down and the burpees for a plank.

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Training to hike Mt Rainier from Mt Mitchell

On week 12 of our training to hike Mt Rainier, we did a 9 hr hike so that pretty much sums up the week!

We were getting too comfortable hiking Crowders Mountain and Umstead Park so we needed to change our location. We decided to climb Mt Mitchell. For our Mt Rainier hike we will gain almost 10,000 feet in 2 days so we needed to train in a similar environment.  Mt Mitchell doesn’t elevate that high but is the highest peak east of the Mississippi and the only peak close to us.

Training to hike Mt Rainier from Mt Mitchell
Mt Mitchell summit

Mt Mitchell is located 127 miles northwest of Charlotte, NC and about 32 miles northeast of Asheville, NC. It’s the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains at 6,684 ft. and it’s beautiful up there! Driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway is awesome!  I really wanted to drive a bit more while we were in the area but we needed to get hiking.

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Training to climb Mt Rainier back home!

These 2 weeks were a bit of an adjustment just to get back into my regular training to climb Mt Rainier. I really enjoyed my time in Brazil and the pace of life down there!

I took 3 days off in week 10 to slowly get back into my weekly schedule, but was able to do a couple of Crossfit workouts, stair intervals and a long hike on Saturday.I was planning just to take 2 days off this week but Saturday was a long night! Catie and I went to a  Justin Timberlake concert and then we went out with a friend  we haven’t seen in a while, so a 5 hr hike plus a long night….a day off was required!

The Saturday hike was the longest we’ve done so far and we needed to take snacks, lunch and plenty of water. For the hikes we’ve done prior to this one we’ve only taken water with the exception of the 4 hr hike in week 8 when we stopped and had some Açaí!! This hike was an excellent opportunity for us to start planning and trying the actual food/snacks we will be taking when we climb Mt Rainier. RMI Expeditions offers a meal plan for the days we will be up in Mt Rainier but they don’t offer a gluten free option.

climb mt rainier
Ridgeline Trail – Crowders Mountain

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