Training for Mt Rainier from NYC!

Catie, Sara & I at Bullets over Broadway Catie, Sara & I at Bullets over Broadway

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are having a great week!
Week 2 of our training for Mt Rainier was great!, I thought I was going to be tired from week 1 but it was all good, I only trained for 5 days so maybe that’s why I felt so good!

Only trained Monday thru Friday this week; went to NYC to watch a Broadway show called “Bullets over Broadway”, Catie’s cousin Sara is part of the ensemble.This is just my second Broadway show I’ve ever seen (or anywhere else for that matter) , I’m no expert on Broadway shows but this show was very entertaining maybe because it had a Godfatherish tone to it…one of the main characters was a gangster and did a fantastic job. If you get a chance to go to NYC try to make some time and go see this show.

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Let the Mt Rainier Training Begin!

Hello everyone! first week of Mt Rainier training was actually really good, I even had time to go to a baseball game, I’m a big fan! There are no MLB teams in the Raleigh, NC area, but we do have a couple of Division 1 Schools and a Triple-A baseball team ;Sunday after our hike we went to a UNC vs. FSU baseball game….it was awesome. Tickets were really cheap and the quality of play was outstanding. I was a happy camper!

Ok, now to the reason we’re here…..RMI Expeditions  provided a 4 month training plan so I will try to follow what they suggest but I will incorporate swimming /biking/running & CrossFit  to my training .
Two years ago I got into CrossFit  and I’ve done it regularly even when training for triathlons so I decided to continue to do it while I train for Mt Rainier.

I believe any reasonably fit individual can climb Mt Rainier (That’s me!) with a well balanced combination of strength training, cardio intervals, swimming /biking/running & hiking. That will prepare anyone to effectively conquer Mt Rainier!

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Mt Rainier Equipment

RMI Expeditions  provided a list of equipment we need for the climb and as you can see the list is pretty long. After we climb Mt Rainier I will continue to climb but don’t think I’ll need to purchase all the equipment on the list; you can actually rent equipment via RMI Expeditions.

From the Mt Rainier equipment list one item that I really wanted to purchase right away was the backpack,  for a couple of reasons:

  • I can continue to use it after the climb!
  • I wanted to start training with the pack and get comfortable with it
  • The recommended backpacks to climb Mt Rainier  have to be fitted to your body (height, weight, torso,hip & shoulder measurements).

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Mt Rainier here we come!

Hello everyone and thanks for being part of my journey! Before I go into details on preparing for our training, I want to share how I decided on the expedition company we’re using to guide us up Mt Rainier.  I’ll be completely honest, it was fairly easy! There are two ways to climb Mt Rainier, guided or solo. We pondered for a second and decided to do a guided climb! We really have no experience climbing so it was an easy decision to do a guided expedition.

If you decide to do a solo climb please consider the following:

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